Vapercrew selection part 1

There are so many eliquid companies coming up now which is fantastic. Each one has it’s own individual twist and vapercrew is no exception.

Set up by Matthew morris, this is his brainchild to deliver high quality liquids.
Vapercrew offers three ranges of liquids. There’s the classic collection which are standard flavours,  the vc collection which are blended flavours that are more complex than the classic range and both of these are made up in 50/50 pg/vg and come in 6,12 and 18 mg and are perfect for everyday vaping. Then there’s the cloud collection which is a range of blended flavours but are in 90/10 vg/pg and avaliable in 0 and 6mg and designed for drippers and rba’s.

I was sent 15 flavours in total that are all 50/50 and 6mg and here are my thoughts on the first three

St Louis blues

I have seen so many tweets and comments saying how mint and toffee work well together. I have also tried to blend this myself in the past but didn’t get it right. 

St Louis blues is said to be a sumptuous toffee and a swirl of peppermint.
The smell is like the old minty toffee sweets i used to get when i was younger. A creamy toffee with a cooling minty taste.
The inahle is a cool yet sweet peppermint which isn’t too cold but has the right level. There’s a hint of toffee which gives the mint some depth and contrast.
As the flavour settles the toffee comes out really well and is really rich and buttery. There is the taste of peppermint which really works well with the rich toffee.
The exhale is really rich and creamy and yet has the coolness from the mint running through it.
Personal rating
Flavour 9/10
Vapour production 9.5 /10
Likeness to named flavours and description 10/10

Renos refresher

This i have been told is one of the newer liquids in the vc collection and is a lemon and blueberry candy. Also it has been designed to be close to the refreshers sweets.
The smell is sweet and candy like but doesn’t smell artifical.
The inhale is a light candy lemon with a little fizz. As the flavours settle a sweet and tart blueberry kicks in and works well with the lemon. The exhale is slightly fizzy and sour but has the sweetness on the contrast which balances it really well.
There is a definite Likeness to the sweets with this one and the sour and fizzy notes are a fantastic touch.
Personal rating
Flavour 8.5 /10
Vapour production 9/10
Likeness to named flavours /description 9 /10

Pear drops

I used to love getting pear drops as a kid and loved the real ones from the shop which weren’t overly sweet but had a real good juicy taste.
The smell of this liquid is on par with a jar of pear drops, really juicy and a good scent of pear.
The inhale is really sweet and rich with that candied pear taste coming through well.
The flavours settle and the juiciness comes through and the flavour grows really well without being too sweet.
The exhale is smooth and deep with that sweetness of pear really working so well and coming through strong.
Definitely a dead ringer for the real thing!.
Personal rating
Flavour 10/10
Vapour production 9/10
Likeness to named flavours and description 10/10

So thats it for the first three. And although you cannot purchase these liquids from vapercrew themselves the have a wide range of stockists in the uk and all details of these are listed on the website at and you can also find them on twitter and facebook.

More reviews coming soon

Happy vaping 🙂



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